Most used apps for travelling

Most used apps for planing ahead and travelling.

As everything is getting digital, your travel planning went as well. Plan ahead for the best prices or create your own vacation map. With some hours of work, passion and of course the right tools you an be your own travel agent.

On the below we searched the most used apps for travelling and the list will not end here for the sure.


  1. Visa travel tool, placed on the top as getting good with money should be a priority. What’s god for:

-where to find ATMs  all around

-checking for best exchange rates

-bank assistance for card issues with a 24/7 customer service contact number


2. Skyscanner as being the most used and trustful app for searching flights. Good for:

-getting the best prices for your flight routes

-can add hotels and car hire after booking the flight

-fast travel aggregator having a customer-friendly interface

-no taxed and fees

-all languages and currencies available


3. Duolingo as knowing the local language will always help you get the best of your travel experience:

-helps learning fast any foreign language

-easy to use app

-step-by-step learning with practical and useful words and phrases


4.Trip Advisor the well-known app for getting the best of your trip just because:

-millions of travellers post everyday their reviews

-real pictures from real people with do’s and don’s

-finding the best accommodation that fits your budget and itinerary


5. TicketSwap known as the most secure way to buy and sell  event tickets:

-used to sell and buy theater tickets, concert halls access or world wide sport events

-powered by SecureSwap™ by preventing fraud, as being the most used and safe app worldwide

-a wish list integrated, that helps you getting a event ticket sold for a certain rate, receiving a notification when a member puts a ticket on sale
-customer service throughout the buying or selling process


6. Travello being the uprising travel social network:

-connecting you will worldwide travelers

-posting photos, videos and travel reviews enhanced by the blogging features

-finding exclusive travel deals

-meet locals, travel buddies, organize meetups

-Wi-Fi finder integrated


7. TripIt is the easy way to organize your vacation:

-helps planning your trip by making your own itinerary

-sends notification about check-in time, security lines and hold luggage added at the airport


8.Travel Budget apps helps you:

-track expenses even if you work offline

-manage your own budget no matter of used currencies

-the premium feature gets you exporting your data in a csv file and sharing the data


9. Visit a city app means:

-travel guides and maps which works offline and online:

-gathered travel experiences
-advises from all around the globe experts
-cultural trails and must see travel gems

10.  Countries Been is a visual tool that makes your own traveled world:

-browse the globe and pin up the places you’ve been

-share your nomadic experiences to others on whatever travel network you wish


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