How to sky scan better

Tip of better using and scanning flight on skyscanner

Using skyscanner for saving more on flights?

Help your budget by knowing some trips regarding one of the most used flight aggregator, all collected by years of using it.

1.If you search for a a flight, let say on the route Amsterdam to Rome, and your not sure for the moment and you quit getting to the payment details, the next hours you’ll might get a higher price for the same flight; happened to us a couple of times, and now we got a shortcut: we use ingonito to search for the best flight and rate, which might not increase so fast.

2. If you select cheapest flight, not always the lowest rate flight will be displayed. Sometimes a higher price is displayed as an add, but is it always marked as a promotion on the website. You just have to keep attention to details.

3.Most important the check-in luggage. Most of the flights displayed do not have the hold luggage included, and we might include low cost flights here. Huge flight carriers as British or Virgin Atlantic might have the same luggage policy, however depending if your travel short or long-haul.

4) As mentioned above, larger flight carriers  as British Airways of Virgin Atlantic does not have included on some routes the hold luggage, as an example being most of the flights to Europe; always check on their website the terms and condition.






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