Meet and greet BB

Hi Google, I want to talk to KLM'. Meet and greet BB, the new KLM’s smart assistant.

KML Royal Dutch Airlines got a new member to its crew. Meet and greet Blue Bot, or by his nick name BB. An interactive voice-assistant that helps you booking your next flight from your comfy sofa.

Get along with BB on Messenger for booking a flight and with Google Home or your smartphone, for finding a destination, booking a flight and checking your cabin luggage.

Simply ask for BB on Google Assistant on your smartphone or tablet by saying: ”Hi Google, I want to talk to KLM”. AI bot is on the way. No more inspiration for cities to explore? Help a bit by one human fellow, he got your back when your in need for a fast booking. Guided by your own preferences connecting with Google Assistant, throughout Google Home,BB will create a list of destinations based on your designed budget and wish list.

KML Blue Bot is compatible with Google Home, Android 6.0 and iOS 10.0 devices. Knows multiple languages, well updated with whether forecast around the globe, and help you pack your luggage depending on the luggage policy for each destination.



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