For some reason, hardly anyone visits Romania. I rarely ever saw any large groups of tourists while here. But for the travelers that make the journey, they all seem to flock to Brasov. Out of the all the places in Romania I visited, Brasov definitely had the most people.

I think people are drawn here by the Dracula mythology, though there is nothing related to him here. (There’s sadly very little Dracula tourism in Romania. I was very disappointed as I wanted some cheesy tourist traps dedicated to him.) And since there is a lot to do in this part of Transylvania, Brasov makes for a logical base of operations.

Despite the crowds (and I use that term loosely when compared to places like Paris or Amsterdam), I liked Brasov, as I found the mix between historic and modern very well balanced. The core of the city is this beautiful medieval destination, but walk five minutes in any direction and you start to see modern glass buildings, malls, and wide streets. Moreover, Brasov has a wide variety of food, from local Romanian fare to good international food. I also enjoyed the fact that there were a lot of hiking trails where you could escape the chaos of the town center.


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