There are a few other activities to do in Brasov. I enjoyed visiting the old historic walls and bastions that still exist. There are also two big towers, the White Tower and the Black Tower, that overlook the town. They were old guard towers and provide excellent views of the city. (Just don’t pay money to go into them (or any of the other bastions either). They are a huge ripoff, as there is really nothing inside worth seeing and with the roofs closed off, you don’t even get a better vantage of the city for your photos.)

I loved my visit to Romania and I found Brasov to be my favorite city in Romania. Brasov was just great. (The downside to its greatness is that it becomes the main destination for most tourists coming to Romania. But once outside the main town square, you’ll only share the city with the locals.) Brasov combined the medieval and modern very well. It had a lot more energy and charm than other places in Romania, and unlike most of the other medieval cities I saw in Romania, it didn’t shut down at 11pm.

Don’t miss this city on your trip to Romania. In fact, spend extra days here if you can.