How to fly eco-friendy

How to fly eco and remain climate friendly

We all have a huge impact on the environment.

Find some tips below on how to fly eco and still be climate friendly

1.Flight low cost. Sometimes the low cost airlines, having cheaper prices, attract more travelers, meaning a lot for the environment, as more seats are occupied during a flight.

2.Take into consideration carriers that that invest for their customers and use a newly made aircraft, which means lower fuel consumption,and the gas emissions are decreasing.

3. Travel economy. You can reduce your C02 footprint by travelling with economy class. Upgraded cabins as business or 1st class have larger space between seats, meaning a lower number of passengers being carried between destinations. Adding the higher rate, usually the unsold seats are part of the above cabins.

4. Distance. An used term in airline industry is airline block time .This means the difference in seconds between the departure and the arrival points). For example travelling far flung, let let say to Australia, will produce more Co2 than flying a three-hours flight.

5. Number of stops. If possible, choose direct fights, as flights with more than one stopover are having a huge impact over the environment.

Therefore keep in mid that fuel consumption, the aircraft type, seat occupancy, flying long-haul count. We are not saying the flying buses are the solution for a future climate friendly airline transportation, however travelling smart will be a start.



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