BA gets 100 and still flights young

This years British Airways celebrates 100 years.

By the date of 25th august BA will celebrate 100 years in service.It all started with a short-haul flight from London to Paris, and nowadays the sky is the limit.

They started earlier the party by posting some adverts celebrating the landmark birthday.Also on IMDB, 1hour documentary will be released this month called British Airways: 100 years in the sky.

We’ve searched flights from London to all globe destinations and looks like flights on the 25th August the airline has some discounts, but till now nothing official. Departing 25th August with return on the 27th from Heathrow to Paris is gets from 232 euros for the 2 adults, having for the moment the best rates on this route.

But what about travelling far flung?For a flight leaving LHR on 25th August, returning on the 1st of September, two travelers will pay 1504 euros (no hold luggage included, price not including taxis and fees). For the same route the national Thai airline has a higher price.


Also all flight marked with the green leaf logo a Eco, means the itinerary has lower CO2 emissions, that other routes, having a lower impact on the climate. Here you will find more about the meaning of Eco-flying.

Till then, dear BA, please add colored pom poms and huge balloons, as we’ll get to the party.

We want cake and the best cake is to be served on the air.



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